Grandpa Tic here. It’s been a long while since I been working on Grandpa’s Guides, but I’m back. And this time, with a poll!

That’s right, I have a new book coming out soon. Put my first 4 singles into a compilation with a 5th – that’s already out.

Now, I need a title for the new one, and I’d be grateful for your input, if you don’t mind.

The subtitle of the book is:

Grandpa’s Guide

to Grumpy Old People

The title options are:

1.    If You Speak Slower

I Won’t Look So Stupid

2.    Been There, Done That

Now Leave Me Alone

3.    Get Off My Back

It’s Already Killing Me

4.    You Go On Ahead

I’m Going to Take a Nap

5.   Been There, Done That

Like a Hunnert Times

6.    Yeah, I Take 50 Pills

        a Day For the Fun of It

7.   You Go and Have Fun

I’m Going to Take a Nap

8.   I’m Aching Before I

       Get Out of Bed

What’s Your Excuse?

Which One Do You Like? (Choose up to 3)

Grandpa's New Book Title Survey

Title of New Grandpa's Guides book
  • Enter your email if you would like to receive notice of when the book is available! (I never sell, rent, spam or do anything else with your email address. It will only be used to notify you when a new book is available. And that's only if I remember to email you.)

Results will be posted around mid-April. Stay tuned!

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