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Grandpa’s New Guide on the Coronavirus

Well, dang if I didn’t have to come up with a new little book on that nasty coronavirus. I don’t like it anymore than anyone else. And when I get tic’d off, I tend to write something.

I’m offering it free for a few days, before it goes up to the big ol’ price of 99 cents. Get it this Memorial Day weekend: 5/23-25 for FREE!

Can’t hardly get a cup of coffee for that anymore. And the coffee won’t make you laugh. Click on the cover below to get to the download. Or click here.

I know this virus here thingy has lots of people in a tizzy. Stir crazy, some getting sick when they thought they wouldn’t. Masks. Social distancing. All these strange new ways of communicating with each other.

Well, that’s the way I felt when I first heard about that Facebook thing. So if I can imagine how you feel, you can imagine how I felt.

Of course, this is my guide on Social Distancing, so I will have some rules in the back. But most of all, I hope it brings a smile to your face in these trying times.

And a big Thank You to all those who have to work on the front lines, in health care, transportation, groceries, and all other essential jobs. This book is dedicated to you.