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A New Post Series - My Rants

After all the drama and tension of last year, us old people (definitely under attack from that virus) have had enough. Fed up!

So this year I’m going to introduce my rants. Might become a podcast if I have enough time. My first rant is coming tomorrow, Monday, 1/4/2021.

Every subject is available for my thoughts. I’m going to tell it how I see it, and it will be based on facts, or, if it’s my opinion, I will support it with facts to show you where it comes from. My opinions aren’t from a ‘because he said so’ realm. They aren’t based on fantasy, but they are how I perceive things, after reading articles about that on which I have an opinion I’d like to share.

I hope you enjoy the ride, and my 2021 end brighter than 2020.