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Florida’s Hall of Shame

Florida's Hall of Shame

Okay, folks, this is what forced me to start the rants, truth be told. And I’m here to tell you the truth. Florida’s Hall of Shame is by no means limited to these individuals, but they have shown that they aren’t interested in following their oath of office.

They all signed on to support the overthrow of a valid election. This list has been reported in many places. I’ll link to the Daily Kos article where I first read it.

In addition, because politics is so heated, I’m including the latest shenanigans that some are calling sedition, some an attempted coup.

Florida Representatives:

  1. Gus Bilirakis
  2. Mario Diaz-Balart
  3. Neal P. Dunn
  4. Matt Gaetz
  5. John Rutherford
  6. Ross Spano
  7. Michael Waltz
  8. Daniel Webster
  9. Ted S. Yoho
  10. Bill Posey

Florida Attorney General:

Ashley Moody

All signed on to the silly Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania.

I can’t find the list of those who signed on the Electoral Count objection, so I won’t add them here.

I can’t believe we are seeing this, but that may only be because my mind didn’t want to admit what was happening when the Tea Party came to power in 2010.

I won’t say all politicians are liars. That’s a generalization, just as if I said my grandkids were always noisy. Sometimes they are quiet. At least when they’re sleeping. But I will say whenever a politician says something, you’d better take a moment to think about what’s in it for them. Because most of them are hungry for power, and they’ll say what they need to in order to get or maintain that power.

Anyway, I could go on a long time about this, but I won’t. Just like I enjoy my grandkids, there comes a time they have to go home, a time that’s a mixed blessing: we shared some time with them and that was great, but after a while we appreciate the peace and quiet.