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R.I.P. Democracy, 1787-2021

Cowards in Congress

We witnessed the leader of a free country stage a coup on January 6, 2021. I don’t think many things leave me speechless, but this about did, because I was too fuming mad to say anything.

More Florida Shame

And the list of Florida politicians violating their oath of office keeps growing. We add the below people who chose to believe the lies that the election was fraudulent. (Well, it was, but only from the standpoint of those attempting to change the results. That’s where the real fraud, or whatever it should be called, occurred.) In fact, I’ll repeat the names of those who signed on to the silly suit. Below, these figures objected to the Electoral College results in one or two states. (From NPR)


Rick Scott, Senator


Mario Diaz-Balart

Bill Posey

Daniel Webster

Matt Gaetz

Neal Dunn

John Rutherford

Brian Mast

Gregory Steube

Katherine Cammack

Scott Franklin

Byron Donalds

Carlos Gimenez


These did not object:

All Democrats and Independents

Vern Buchanan

Michael Waltz

Gus Bilirakis

No Accountability

This is what happens when you have no accountability.

It’s like watching the little one’s mom sometimes tell them to do something or else and they don’t listen. And she doesn’t follow up on it. They just keep doing what they want, now learning that they can get away with it because there won’t be any punishment.

It’s like watching a spoiled brat finally being forced to leave the toy store without buying anything. First thing they do (or last, before they leave the store), is they run wild through the aisles, sweeping toys off the shelves and making a big mess. The little bull in the china shop, so to speak.

Lessons Learned

When I was working full-time, this was one of my favorite activities. After a project failed, or was completed but had problems, we had to put together a report called “Lessons Learned.”

The funny thing was, you could go back through these reports and see that they kept learning the same lessons over and over. But they rarely put into place the controls needed to actually implement what they learned.

But it was fun to watch.

Democracy is Fragile?

Now I keep reading about people saying that democracy is fragile, and that it has to be constantly defended and guarded. Almost like it’s some precious vase that you have to be careful when you handle it so you don’t break it.

Got news for ya, folks. One party has been intent on breaking it for a long time, and have been supported by the media in its thirst for power.

And the other party? They left the people behind over twenty years ago. I won’t hold my breath that that will change in the coming couple of years, but at least a few are in the group who care about the everyday people. You can spot them easily, because others in their own party fight them. Seems most of the party wants to please the rich. The rest of us? We get a few bones thrown our way to keep us quiet and grateful while they keep stealing all the money and hording it.

Okay, I’m not used to ranting so often. Gotta stop and catch my breath. Until next time, here’s something a co-worker told me back in the late 70s: “It’s only by luck that anything that happens in Congress benefits the little guy.”