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New Disneyland Ride Evokes Hope and Excitement

New Disneyland Ride Evokes Hope and Excitement

Help Name the Ride

Just announced: Disneyland will host a vaccination site. Well, I’ll be darned. I figure they gotta make it interesting, right? I told my grandkids.

“Hey kids, guess what?”
“What, Grandpa?” they said in unison.
“Looks like we can go to Disneyland.”
I covered my ears as excited sounds squealed from their mouths.
“Why now, Grandpa?”
Yeah, at least one of them always asks that kind of question. I’m not going to tell you which one, as you would probably howl in disapproval, no matter whether it was the boy or the girl.
“To get a vaccination.”
“A vacci-what?”

See, that won’t get the kids excited about going.

“They got a new ride,” I said. (Instead of the vaccination statement.)
“Yay,” they both shouted. “What’s it called?”
“Uh, The Shot that went Viral,” I said. “Or, the Covid Coaster.”

Well, maybe it wouldn’t go that much better. And you wouldn’t want it to be an E-ticket item. Whoops. Dating myself. For you newbies, they used to give you tickets, with letters from A to E, to use on the rides. And of course the best rides took an E ticket. To buy more, those were the most expensive ones.

Helping Out

I applaud any time a business helps out people, even if they are reimbursed for it. Most of the time, it’s the employees who are doing the work to contribute to community. But ultimately management has to buy into it. Yes, there are some socially conscious businesses, but most are in it just to profit (for shareholders if they’re public), and aren’t patriotic or anything else.

But this is a great step for Disney, and hopefully other businesses with large venues will follow suit and help get the country past this terrible pandemic. Whether you like it or not, we are in this together, and our actions will impact our neighbors, either positively or negatively. I vote for being positive (but not in a virus-sense).