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Meaningless Washington Laws Revealed by the Naked Truth

No Indictment Means It Will Happen Again

The second impeachment trial begins this week. As we’ve watched the powerful in Washington, D.C. avoid any consequences for their unethical behavior, I’m not holding my breath that an indictment will come. Especially knowing that the majority of those needed to hand down an indictment have already put their names on the side of sedition, and are in favor of the overthrow of a legally elected president.

The outcome of allowing an attempted coup and overthrow of the government to go unpunished, is that in the future it will happen. And there’s no guarantee that it won’t be successful the second time, as I’m sure those who were plotting against democracy have learned from their failure, and will be better prepared for the next opportunity.

The GOP is NOT the Party of Lincoln

I keep hearing this reference to the GOP as the party of Lincoln. That’s just dang wrong! How do I know? Take a look at the platform of the Republican party back in 1860. Read it here. This was the party that abolished slavery. This was the party that was against disunion.

Over time, the parties switched purposes, with the Democratic party, the one that supported slavery in 1860, becoming more focused on the people, while the Republican party moved from a people’s party to a corporate party. Don’t quote me on the date of the change, but I believe it happened after 1900.

Now, the GOP favors disunity when they are in power, and plead for unity when they are the minority. Let’s look at how the Democratic party, which recently was considered Republican-lite, is moving more toward being a people’s party.

The Pandemic Response

The GOP mismanaged the pandemic response in too many ways to discuss here. The two main areas I will mention are: They promoted business over health and dismissed the science, failing to take the appropriate actions to slow the spread of the virus. And two, they never came up with a vaccine distribution plan that would help to stop the spread of the virus.
The Democrats have now put forth their first proposal to improve vaccine distribution and unite people in combating the virus. Hopefully, by year’s end, we will feel much safer and the death toll will drop to much lower numbers.
GOP: Good luck! If you catch it, we hope you don’t die.
DEM: Follow these simple rules to stay safe, and we’re here to get you immunized.

The Economy

The GOP passed a gigantic tax cut via resolution at the start of the last presidency, benefitting the richest among us, while throwing a bone to the 95%. I say this because I’m not sure exactly where the cutoff was, so maybe more than the top 1 percent had a very nice reduction in taxes.
The fallacy of, or the myth of a liberal media bias, is found in the lack of pushback on the Republican’s trickle down economics theory. This theory, that if you give all the money to the richest they will hire more people, has been proven false for so long I’m amazed that anyone promoting this theory isn’t laughed off the stage or out of the room. But then, most of those reporting on D.C. are from the corporate class that runs D.C.
The true health of an economy is found in a broad and strong working and middle class, and an upper class that pays it’s fair share in taxes. Back in the 50s and early 60s the top rate was over 90% on the richest. Now, it’s less than 35% and with all the other loopholes, they mostly go without paying any taxes, or only paying a nominal amount.
It appears to me the Dems are moving back toward taking care of people. And President Biden has an opportunity to create a legacy as rich as FDR, if he so chooses.
GOP: Give your money to the rich and they will take care of you. 

DEM: Support those who are most in need and the country will benefit. 
Well, I’m tired and gonna take a break. That’s all my ranting for today.