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Tic Rawghers

Meaningless Washington Laws Revealed by the Naked Truth

No Indictment Means It Will Happen Again The second impeachment trial begins this week. As we’ve watched the powerful in Washington, D.C. avoid any consequences for their unethical behavior, I’m not holding my breath that an indictment will come. Especially knowing that the majority of those needed to hand down an indictment have already put …

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Just Hit the Dang Ball

Just Hit the Dang Ball Baseball Statistics Blah! When I was growing up the mark of a good hitter in baseball was an average over .300. Meaning, if’n you’re reading this without a knowledge of baseball, that the batter hit safely 3 out of 10 times. An average hitter might hit between .260 and .300, …

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Grandpa’s Rants

A New Post Series – My Rants After all the drama and tension of last year, us old people (definitely under attack from that virus) have had enough. Fed up! So this year I’m going to introduce my rants. Might become a podcast if I have enough time. My first rant is coming tomorrow, Monday, …

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