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Grandpa's Guides

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‘Bout Ol’ Tic

This is my about me page. Don’t like pictures so you won’t see my ugly face, though I’ve added a likeness. I’m living in Florida now. I’ve done lived in other states too, but most of them are too cold most times. This one ain’t…most times. Though I hear complaining that it gets too hot. Well, I don’t feel pain when I’m hot, just uncomforted. When I’m cold, I hurt. So there’s that.


Name’s Tic. Some say must stand for tongue-in-cheek, but if that were right, everybody’d be called Tim, for tongue-in-mouth, since that’s gotta be true you got a tongue. You can call me Tic, or Grandpa, or old man, or…whatever you like. Don’t really care, cause I been called about every name in the book plus some that ain’t there. Happens to everybody, so no sense getting upset about it.

Want to chat you can send me an email, to ticrawghers at gmail. You should know the rest.

Or, just fill in the form below. When I have time, I’ll get back to ya.