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Grandpa's Guides

An old man's outlook on life, love and growing up

Grandpa Tic here. It’s been a long while since I been working on Grandpa’s Guides, but I’m back. And this time, with a poll!

That’s right, I have a new book coming out soon. Put my first 4 singles into a compilation with a 5th – that’s already out.

Now, I need a title for the new one, and I’d be grateful for your input, if you don’t mind.

The subtitle of the book is:

Grandpa’s Guide

to Grumpy Old People

The title options are:

1.    If You Speak Slower

I Won’t Look So Stupid

2.    Been There, Done That

Now Leave Me Alone

3.    Get Off My Back

It’s Already Killing Me

4.    You Go On Ahead

I’m Going to Take a Nap

5.   Been There, Done That

Like a Hunnert Times

6.    Yeah, I Take 50 Pills

        a Day For the Fun of It

7.   You Go and Have Fun

I’m Going to Take a Nap

8.   I’m Aching Before I

       Get Out of Bed

What’s Your Excuse?

Which One Do You Like? (Choose up to 3)

Results will be posted around mid-April. Stay tuned!

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